Language Resource development has been considered to be the domain for people specifically trained in Linguistics. One of the fascinating aspects of Anusaaraka is that it has areas in which anyone like you and I can participate in this endeavor.

The eligibility criteria are: 

a) Willingness to spend sometime on Anusaaraka.
b) Knowledge of English and Hindi.
c) Willingness to contribute in the spirit of dedication, for the good of all : i.e. the यज्ञ spirit.

To many it may seem absurd that the invitation to participate in the development of Anusaaraka is being extended to all. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananada ji says: “No achievement is impossible for man, if he knows how to act in the discipline of co-operation."

We have already got a first hand experience of the above by having so called non-technical people playing a crucial role in building Anusaaraka thus far.

We shall assist you in developing the necessary competence to participate in Anusaaraka Language Resource development. 

Participation Options:

a. Support with your time:

Volunteer to contribute to the Language Resource Development task if you know English and Hindi and are willing to dedicate some time to this work every week.

Register yourself as a Participant at this site and join the global group of Anusaaraka voluntary participants who contribute and enrich the translation quality. Participate, share and explore the fascinating world of language.

We assure you that no formal training in Linguistics or Translation is required for this task. The Guidelines prepared for the task are sufficient to get anyone started. Majority of the Participants as on date, have learnt 'on-the-job' besides having attended some workshops.

(Please note: Individuals who are interested but shall not be able to contribute without monetary implications should write to: to discuss their association with Anusaaraka.)

b. Support with publicity:

Tell your relatives, friends and acquaintances who have some time to spare and may be interested, to visit this site and register as Participants.

Share this information with Research scholars who are working in the areas of Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computational Linguistics, Sanskrit Grammar (Panini's Ashtadhyayi). 

c. Support with resources:

Some of the resources that you can assist with are listed below:
I)Soft copy of books and material (for which copyright permission need not be sought) both in English and Hindi as resources for the Corpora.
II)Infrastructural resources – computers, server space, venue for organizing two-day workshops on Anusaaraka.
Please send an email to: giving details of how you wish to support the project. 

d. Support with funds:

•Interested individuals or organisations, who are unable to support with their time could explore the option of monetary assistance. Funds received shall go towards:
•Rewarding Participants who are not volunteers;
•Giving scholarships to students who take up Anusaaraka as their research topic;
•Creating a Corpus Fund for Research - aiming at the application of Indian traditional shastra knowledge in the contemporary world.

Please click here to download the Donation Letter which you are requested to fill in and send along with your financial contribution.

Your contribution (Money-order/Draft/Cheque) may be mailed to the Chinmaya International Foundation, at our address -.  

The Manager,
Chinmaya International Foundation,
Adi Sankara Nilayam, Veliyanad – 682 319.
Ernakulam District, Kerala, India.

All Cheques, Drafts and Money-orders are to be made in favour of 'CHINMAYA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION' payable at the State Bank Of Travancore, Piravom.

Your donations are exempt from tax u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act. For making online donations, please write to:


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